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Yankee Candle/World's Finest Chocolate


However, you can still take advantage of all that Yankee Candle has to offer by ordering online until after the new year. Your online order can help support the Music Foundation as well as your favorite MRHS music student.

Students can continue to earn fundraising credits through online sales. 

To place an online order, visit Yankee Candle Fundraising and enter the MRHS Music Foundation Group Number: 990007159 in the "Start Shopping" box located about midway down the page. Your student can earn credit towards his/her Spring trip by setting up a Seller Login and inviting family and friends to shop online. Yankee Candles make wonderful holiday gifts!  The funds that MRHS Music Foundation receives from Yankee Candle by February 2017 will be applied towards the 2017 Spring Trip. 

Students have the opportunity to earn funds toward the Spring Trip by selling Yankee Candle and World's Finest Chocolates the fall of each year.  For 2015, students earned 35% of their sales as fundraising credits!!!! YES....35%!!! So for example, every $100 you sell, $35 would be credited to your student account!!

Students Earned in 2015: 
$4,504 from Yankee Candle and 
$608 from World's Finest Chocolate
Sales were applied towards their 2016 Spring Trip!!!

Questions?  Contact Deb Jeffries at