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Annual Awards Banquet

******Mustang Music & Theatre Families******

Mark your calendars for May 10th at 7pm!

Time again to celebrate the achievements of the talented

Marriotts Ridge High School performing arts students!

The end-of-the-year banquet for the band, choral, drama and orchestra groups will be held in May in the Cafeteria. 

 As in the past, we will have a pot-luck dinner, followed by the presentation of awards.

Students, parents, siblings and grandparents are WELCOME and encouraged to come!

The following groups will be responsible for providing the items listed below.

Please bring enough to serve 8-10 portions, thank you:

The information below will be updated, if necessary.

ORCHESTRA: Pasta Main Dish (hot, ready-to-eat – can be macaroni and cheese, lasagna, ziti, lo mein, with and without meat)

SYMPHONIC BAND:  Main Dish (meat loaf, KFC, ham, fried rice, roast chicken, casserole, etc.)

CONCERT BAND:  Fruit or fruit salad 

CHORAL GROUPS:  Side dish (warm or cold dishes – veggie dishes, rice dishes, quinoa, 
mashed potatoes, potato salads, macaroni salads, pasta salads, etc.) 

DRAMA GALS: Salad (green salad, veggies, etc…bag salad is okay, but please provide a bowl)

DRAMA GUYS: Dessert or Cookies (1-2 dozen)


If a student is a member of more than one organization, he/she may pick a group to represent.

[The Music Foundation and Drama Boosters will supply Bread, Drinks, and Paper Goods.]


We will need several folks to help with SET-UP at 4:00 P.M. and CLEAN-UP following the banquet.*  If you are available to volunteer for either of these opportunities, please contact Julie Neaman  via email:

*Students can receive service hours for their participation in these activities (if they contact Mrs. Neaman before the day of the banquet.)