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About the Music Foundation

Welcome to the Marriotts Ridge Music Foundation!

Since the school’s opening in 2005, Marriotts Ridge Music has grown and established itself as a premier program of musical excellence, depth and variety. We are so blessed to have the greatest directors and gifted performers in the area! 

The MRHS Music Foundation exists to support and further develop that excellence in the performing arts at Marriotts Ridge High School, financially and administratively. So many wonderful parents have been essential in laying strong groundwork from the first years to the present—thank you all! As the music teachers and students plan even more exciting events and endeavors each year, it’s the responsibility, challenge and privilege of all our music families to help them reach their goals. PLEASE CHOOSE TO BE INVOLVED in some way to support your child’s Mustang music experience. 

If you have (or are) a musician in one of the Ridge’s performing groups, you are a member of the MRHS Music Foundation! No membership fees required! Don’t think any job is too small; and there is great camaraderie and fun working together on the bigger projects. Wonderful friendships are built as volunteers come together to support and grow one of the finest school musical communities in Howard County—in Maryland! 

Come be part of the MRHS Music Foundation…for musical excellence…for our kids’ sake…for the legacy that IS 

Marriotts Ridge High School Music!

Budget Graphic

The illustration above outlines the funds that the Marriotts Ridge music program receives from the Howard County Board of Education. This budget changes yearly. The County budget only accounts for approximately 14.5% of what is truly needed by the music department.

The rest of the funding is provided by the Music Foundation...YOU!

When you support our fundraisers, donate as a Patron, or volunteer your time, you are helping to provide the additional funds needed to maintain the level of excellence that the Marriotts Ridge Music Program has obtained!


Music Foundation Board meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of each month during the school year. These meetings are open to all MRHS music parents and students as well as officers and committee chairs. They are held in the Student Services Offices, starting at 7pm and usually concluding by 8:30pm. 
Please email for more information.

Join the MRHS Music Foundation Email List - All music students and parents are encouraged to join the MF email list to receive the latest information about the music program news, events, fundraisers and more!

 For general questions about the MRHS Music Foundation email

Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.
~Robert G. Ingersoll