Spring Trip 2019

Orlando, Florida - April 3-7, 2019

Box Lunch Signup

Below is the link to sign up for your choice of Box Lunch for performance day.  All choices must be made by 3/20/19.  If you have any questions about food choices please contact krstinej@yahoo.com. If you have any issues with the link or file please contact Joy Altenburg at joyaltenburg@verizon.net.

Final Payment & Emergency Form
Due by Friday 2/22!

The final Spring Trip payment is due no later than February 22nd.
The total Spring Trip cost is $880.  You should have received a financial statement from CHARMS by email around 2/8 with the amount that is owed.

Spring Trip payments may be made by check, or online through Online School Payments. For details, please see the form linked on the Spring Trip page.  (Spring Trip payments may NOT be made through Charms since they need to be made to the school.) 

Please make sure your student has turned in their Emergency Form, they cannot go on the trip without one. Emergency Forms are past due. Make sure all portions of the Emergency Form are filled out and signed. We have had a few that have not filled out the insurance information at the bottom of the form.  Please have your student put them in the black box ASAP. You may email them to Kristine Jacobs at krstinej@yahoo.com if you prefer.

If your student will need a medical form filed for the trip please send them directly to the school nurse, Ms. Storm, ASAP. If you have any questions regarding the medical form please contact her at stacey_storm@hcpss.org.

If you have any Spring Trip questions please contact the Spring Trip Coordinator, Kristine Jacobs, at krstinej@yahoo.com.

Spring Trip payments may be made by check, or online through OSP.