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Mustang Flea Market

Mustang Flea Market

Date for 2020 is February 29th

The Mustang Flea Market is one of the biggest Music Foundation fundraisers of the year!

Many Donations Needed.  Please Help!

Donation and Textile Recycling Drop-offs:

                    Saturdays – January 25th      10am - 12pm

                                         February 1st        12pm - 2pm

                                         February 15th     2pm - 4pm

                     Friday –      February 21st      5pm - 7pm

                     Sunday –     February 23rd     2pm - 4pm

 Volunteers Needed! 

Please sign up to help with the flea market!


*** If you can't do a full shift, you can still sign-up and

put in the comments your availability ***

Share the announcement from our Facebook page 
to help us promote this fundraiser!

Did you know that old tools, bikes, scooters and toys can be big sellers? While the weather is absolutely gorgeous, take advantage of it and check out what might be in your garage that you've wanted to donate. Set it aside and we'll start collecting items in February.

Do you have an old piece of furniture that has been waiting for a DIY that never happened?  We accept larger furniture items the evening before the flea market as well as on Saturday morning before our flea market begins.
"What other donations do you accept?" ALMOST ANYTHING!

List of items we accept:

clothes (no undergarments please), shoes, purses
household items: bedding, lamps, rugs, pictures, dishes, kitchen items, knick knacks
crafting supplies: silk flowers, yarn, fabric, patterns, baskets, etc.
electronics: radios, dvd players, dvds, cds, LPs, cassette tapes, etc.
holiday items, books, toys, games, tools, gardening supplies
sporting goods: bikes, skateboards, scooters, balls, bats, etc.
baby items: strollers, high chairs, playpens, bedding, etc.
furniture: please WAIT until Friday for furniture dropoffs. 

We do NOT accept couches or large upholstered items, NO old televisions, mattresses, and pianos

Tax receipts are available when you drop off donations. 

Textiles for recycling should be placed in a bag marked "Recycling" and tied closed -- including 
• Stained shirts, holey socks
• Stinky shoes, worn out cleats
• Old towels, sheets, blankets
• Textiles you would otherwise throw away
The Music Foundation will receive money for these recyclables by weight.

The flea market is a significant fundraiser for the Music Department. 

We need YOU for this event to be successful!