Cash Cards



for Giant, Weis, and Harris Teeter 

For every Giant or Weis gift card you purchase, your student’s account will receive a 5% profit. (i.e.: every $100 purchased = $5.00 profit for you! ($4.00 at Harris Teeter)). 

You can find the order form BELOW and next to the black drop box by the school’s music office. 

Please print out the form, fill it out and instruct your child to place it in the black drop box. Orders will be taken every other Tuesday. 

The orders are filled on Fridays and distributed to your student by the Directors. 

How Does Cash Cards Fundraiser Work?  

We purchase Giant, Weis, or Harris Teeter Gift Cards at a discount and sell them to you for face value.  The 5% difference is profit for your student if the Cash Card order form is used.  For instance, your neighbors, relatives, and family friends will be able to support your child by purchasing the cards via the order form–an easy and painless way to pay for this year’s spring trip!

There is no limit to the number of cards you can purchase from us – you just shop as you normally would, pay with the gift card, and the profits go into your student’s account. There is no fee for using Giant or Weis gift cards. 

Giant Gift Cards can be redeemed at any of the Giant Food and Pharmacy stores operating in Maryland, Delaware, DC and Virginia. They may also be redeemed at Martin’s, Peapod, and Stop&Shop.   

Weis gift cards can be redeemed anywhere in the continental U.S.   

Both cards are non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash, but may be redeemed for any prescription purchases. The cards never expire and are not assessed with any fees.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact:

The MRHS Music Foundation at

Cash Card Orders are Due to the Black Box near the directors' office every other Tuesday by 2 p.m. Orders will be ready for pick up by Friday of the week orders are due.

Cash Card Order Due:

Cash card orders due (All Three stores)   - Distribution dates to directors in black box

10/03/2023 Harris Teeter only       - 10/06/2023 Harris Teeter only

10/17/2023 - 10/19/2023 Thursday

10/31/2023           - 11/03/2023

11/14/2023      - 11/17/2023

11/28/2023   - 12/01/2023

12/12/2023   - 12/15/2023

1/02/2024   - 1/05/2024

1/16/2024   - 1/19/2024

1/30/2024   - 2/02/2024

2/13/2024   - 2/16/2024

2/27/2024   - 3/01/2024

3/05/2024   - 3/08/2024

3/19/2024 - 3/22/2024

4/02/2024   - 4/05/2024

4/16/2024   - 4/19/2024

4/30/2024   - 5/03/2024

5/13/2024 Monday   - 5/17/2024

5/28/2024 *   - 5/31/2024*

6/04/2024 *   - 6/07/2024*

* Will only be selling if inventory is not exhausted by these dates.

Dates subject to change if need be.