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Levels for Family Patrons:

Maestro - $500 or more: Includes 6 Complementary Tickets to our Concerts

Concertmaster - $300-$499: Includes 4 Complementary Tickets to our Concerts

Whole Note - $100-$299: Includes 2 Complementary Tickets to our Concerts

Half Note - $50-$99 - Thank you!!

Quarter Note -  $25-$49 - Thank you!!

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MRMF Board Members 2023-2024

President   Krista Patterson klkirk2000@yahoo.com

Vice President   Maxine Saylor  maxine_saylor@verizon.net

Treasurer   Diana McManus lmcmanus@comcast.net

Secretary   Melissa Solomon mairey02@hotmail.com

Members at Large   Kim Murphy ktgmurphy@yahoo.com

    Susan Zeng syzeng@yahoo.com

  Lakshmi Pulivarthy lpulivarthy@gmail.com

Next Music Foundation Meeting, Feb 20, 7pm in the Student Service Office

Approved Budget

All families are invited to attend the Music Foundation monthly meetings to learn more about what the Music Foundation is involved in and where you can be of service.The meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm (the meeting is usually held in the Student Services office. 

CHARMS and the Music Handbook

Have YOU signed into CHARMS yet??

THIS IS A GRADED ASSIGNMENT FOR YOUR STUDENT and will be checked via Charms.

All students in the music program have an account in Charms.

Charms is the online recordkeeping program that assists us in keeping track of all of your Fundraising Credits, as well as the primary source of communication information (emails/phone numbers) for the Music Foundation.

ALL Students AND ONE Parent/Guardian must log into Charms, verify their data, CREATE an E-Signature, read the Online Music Handbook and "digitally sign" that they have read/agreed to the policies within.

It does appear that most new logins for the school year are requiring a password reset, please email Joy Altenburg @ joyaltenburg@verizon.net. You can also email mrhsmf@gmail.com and Mrs. Altenburg will reply to you directly.


Click on link below to download the handbook and print student forms:

Question about your Student Account Balance in Charms?

Contact Joy Altenburg

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Support MRHS Boosters!

MRHS Boosters supports music and all activities at Marriotts Ridge.  Please help the Boosters by becoming a member and supporting their fundraisers!


Our Music Foundation provides a great deal of support to the amazing Directors who teach our talented students and provides opportunities for the students to earn money that is applied to their account for the spring trip. In order to fill in the monetary gaps, the Music Foundation holds a number of fundraisers, but they can't happen without the help of our music community. 


Log In or Use Code: MRHSMUSIC

Instructions on setting up CHARMS accounts



Instructions on how you can pay for your student's outstanding financial obligations can be found here

We currently have MRHS Music Spirit Wear available for sale as well as magnets, and ornaments. Concert tickets will also be made available via our Charms Online Store. You will find information on how to access our online store here

Please note that all payments on Charms are done using PayPay which will assess a 3% fee/donation to cover the expenses incurred by the Music Foundation for PayPal. You may still pay for your student's financial obligations or items ordered through the store by check. Online store orders will not be delivered to the student until the check is received by mail at:

MRHS Music Foundation

12100 Woodford Dr

Marriottsville, MD 21104

More information can found at the CHARMS website.

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