Student Volunteer Expectations

Expectations for Student Volunteers

The Marriotts Ridge Music Department really needs a lot of help from the students to make the Orchestra Assessment run smoothly. Please consider signing up for one or more shifts to help make this happen. While helping during the three-day event, please keep some important things in mind . . .

¯ You are representing your school, your directors and our community. Please remember this as you interact with the judges, the directors, and the visiting students.

¯ We will try to place you in your preferred assignment, but please keep in mind that volunteers will be placed where the need is the greatest when you arrive for your shift.

¯ At the beginning of each shift, you must sign in at the registration desk by the auditorium doors. You will be given a name badge, which you must keep on during your shift, so that visitors know to ask you for help if needed.

¯ If you have signed up for a shift, please remember that we are counting on you to be there for your entire shift. If there is a reason that you must leave and can’t finish your shift, you need to be sure that the coordinators of the event know.

¯ If you have been given an assignment, such as guide, and you are not immediately assigned to a group, please do not leave the registration area. Groups arrive often and we need the guides up front to help the orchestras when they walk in.

¯ Food vouchers for your free hotdog, chips and soda will be given to you at the end of each shift that you work. The parent at the registration desk will hand out and check off that you’ve received your voucher for your shift.

¯ If you need a signature to verify your volunteer hours for club or graduation purposes, the coordinators can sign them for you at the end of your shift.

¯ Be sure to sign out if you are leaving. It is very important that we know who is still available to help us during the event.

¯ Thank you all for all your hard work and commitment during this event!