Patron Program

The Marriotts Ridge High School (MRHS) Music Foundation’s role is to raise funds and provide volunteer support for all aspects of the music programs for the numerous MRHS music students. Our funds consist of Parent and Family donations, Business Patron donations, concert ticket sales and monies raised from fundraising efforts (selling citrus fruit and apples, an annual flea market and more).

Funds are used to purchase instruments and musical scores/sheet music, pay clinician fees for experts to work with our students, pay registration and transportation costs for events and competitions and for the purchase and upkeep of uniforms/costumes. To maintain the high standards of excellence we have achieved requires a huge investment of time, energy, and money.

We are committed to providing the best facilities, training, and equipment for our performers who proudly wear the colors of Marriotts Ridge High School. The students dedicate enormous amounts of time to their music. However, it takes more than practice to maintain an elite rank. The incredible performances you will enjoy each year will be the result of thousands of hours spent by your students, the directors, volunteers and the financial support of parents and business patrons throughout our community.

We invite YOU to become a Marriotts Ridge Music Patron

as a Family Patron or as a Business Patron.

The forms listed below provide additional information about the various patron levels and how to submit your contributions.

Family Patron Information Letter

Family Patron Form

Business Patron Information Letter - All Businesses donating $150 or more will be featured on our website!

Business Patron Form

Contact if you have any questions about becoming a Patron.

Want to contribute online for a Family or Business Patron Donation?

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