How to Access Parent/Student Information in Charms

o Log on to, and click “LOG IN” in the upper right corner and click on the “PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS” option.

o Login to your student’s program account using the following School Code: MRHSMUSIC and click “Enter Charms".

o This will bring up the main “PUBLIC” page. This will allow you to look at the calendar for the Music Department, event list, forms and handouts and other “publicly shared” files, as well as a few other options.

o The first time you enter Charms, enter your HCPSS STUDENT ID NUMBER (including any leading zeros – e.g. - 001234567) into the Student Area Password field. You will be directed to the Change Password screen, to set a personal password different from the ID, for future use. There is ONLY ONE account logon and password used for both STUDENTS and PARENTS. Please share this information with each other. There are mechanisms to recover/reset a lost Password – when you create your new password, create a “hint” as well.

o Whenever you enter using this Username/password, another more detailed screen appears, with various button options for you to access areas in the Charms account.

o The Student and Adult Information areas REQUIRE REVIEW AND UPDATES:

o Click on the “Update Info” icon at the bottom of the screen

o Review and/or Update ALL fields on the Student Detail Screen: It is VERY important that you input a VALID email address and a CELL PHONE NUMBER. Be sure to click the green update button at the top right of the screen or your changes will NOT be saved!

o At the bottom of the Student Detail Page are links to “Adults” that have been added to your account. Please review and/or Update ALL Required fields on this screen: It is VERY important that you input a VALID email address and a CELL PHONE NUMBER and CHOOSE YOUR CELL PHONE CARRIER from the drop down. There is also an “Add New Adult” button at the Top and Bottom of each screen if you need to add another adult. If an “Adult” needs to be REMOVED from your account, please click on the “Email Staff” icon from the Home Screen and contact Joy Altenburg at the top of the list with your changes.

o The Calendar may list events, rehearsals, and volunteer/RSVP opportunities. You can choose to “Synch” this calendar with the one on your Smart Phone.

o Forms and Handouts are available – ALL students are required to turn in the Overnight Emergency Form. Please print, complete and turn into the Black Box outside of the Directors office.

o If you click on the “Finances” Icon at the top of the screen this will take you to all of the Student Accounts activity that has been recorded for the year.

o You can also download the Charms App to your smartphone – search your App Store for “Charms Parent/Student Portal” (or “Charms Blue”). It’s the way to stay in touch on the go!


Joy Altenburg –